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Rumour confirmed: Brighton woman accidentally foils designer thief on the way to water aerobics


On today’s Rumour File, Ross and John were informed of a tale of thievery almost too good to be true.

A Brighton woman was leaving for her water aerobics class on Wednesday morning when she found her car had been what she thought was “broken into”.

Her car was unlocked with no signs of damage, but the criminal had left behind several items.

What? Well, that’s where it became strange.

The thief’s loot included two pairs of designer sunglasses, car keys and a torch.

The woman’s daughter, Sally Hepworth, confirmed the tale on 3AW Breakfast and said the police have treated the crime very seriously.

“The theory is the goods had been stolen from other cars and been dumped when they got too spooked,” Ms Hepworth said.

“She has very much enjoyed the drama, although she did have to reschedule her water aerobics class!”

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