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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Cops get creative to arrest teen

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A teen who fled from police in handcuffs got more than he bargained for when he encountered these two veteran cops.

Two officers attended a high school in Corio late last week to arrest the 16-year-old, but he managed to run off. 

One officer took chase, while the other stayed back ‘trying to work out his mobile phone’ according to the 3AW Breakfast Rumour File caller.

The digitally-challenged officer eventually joined the chase, but soon had to stop: He had pulled a hamstring.

But that couldn’t stop him.

Thinking creatively, the injured officer tried – and failed – to commandeer a postman’s bike, before managing to get the attention of a passing taxi.

He got in the front seat and told the driver to ‘get after that kid’.

The driver did as he was told.

An elderly couple in the back seat of the cab with their shopping bags were told by the police officer not to worry.

‘Sorry dear, it will be fine,’ he reportedly told the woman in the back seat.

The police officer managed to catch up with the teen, who will appear in a children’s court charged with armed robbery and escaping lawful custody.

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