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Rumour confirmed: Country town’s mail goes uncollected for six months


A Victorian country town’s mail was left unattended for six months, with marriage equality postal votes, cheques and Christmas cards all not received by their intended recipients.

The Rumour File this morning heard it was just one of two mailboxes in the entire town.

Joanne Westra, from Beechworth’s Plumbing Plus later confirmed with 3AW Breakfast the post box in Beechworth was full to the brim.

“We couldn’t fit any more mail in, it was chockers!” She said.

“My husband rang Australia Post, there was a sign on the box saying the collection times would be changing.”

“So they changed the clearing time all right, they changed it to nothing,” Burnso said.

“That’s right!” Joanne said.

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Joanne said she knew there was a number of items in the post box of value, including postal votes for the marriage equality survey.

“We have a small plumbing business, there was five months worth of business accounts, there was marriage equality postal votes, I know there was two large cheques, Christmas cards with vouchers,” she said.

Joanne said Australia Post have offered $50 and two boxes of stamps in compensation.

Australia Post issued 3AW Breakfast with the following statement.

Australia Post wholeheartedly apologises for this error. We can confirm all mail has now been delivered with a letter of explanation and an apology.

This is an isolated incident that occurred when the collection route was handed over to a different team. We began clearing the street posting box again three weeks ago.

If customers have any concerns about their mail delivery, we encourage them to contact us on 13 POST.

Photo: The Border Mail