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Rumour confirmed: Hero saves little girl trapped under overturned boat

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Witnesses have hailed rescuers as heroes after they dived into water to save a young child trapped under an overturned boat.

First heard on the Rumour File, Justin and Kate were told an older gentleman jumped in the water at a bayside beach when a newly launched boat tipped over into the water, with the two children trapped underneath.

One of the rescuers, Max confirmed the incident, but was adamant he was no hero.

“I just did it because they needed help, I’m not a hero or anything like that, I just did what needed to be done,” Max told 3AW Breakfast.

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Police later confirmed a 54-year-old boat owner accidentally drove his boat into the pier at Safety Beach (above) just after 1pm yesterday.

The boat hit the pier and overturned, an 11-year-old boy was quickly rescued but a seven-year-old girl was trapped under the boat in the water.

Several witnesses to the incident entered the water to rescue the Doncaster girl, it’s believed they worked frantically to pull the girl through a hatch as her lifejacket and anchor equipment were entangled.

Both children and one of the rescuers were treated for ingestion of large amounts of water.

Police intend to nominate the main rescuers for an award for their courageous efforts.

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