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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Homelessness protesters take fight to Lord Mayor’s private home

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Homelessness protesters took their fight to the private home of the Lord Mayor on Saturday night.

3AW Breakfast was told the group arrived outside Robert Doyle’s house after 11pm.

They woke several of the Mayor’s neighbours in the process.

According to reports, the group of protesters abused Cr Doyle’s neighbours when they went outside to complain.

Police attended and the protesters dispersed.

Speaking to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell, Cr Doyle said it was unacceptable for protesters to target his private residence.

‘I did feel outside my own house was a bit beyond the pale, at 11 o’clock at night, not just for me but for my neighbours as well.’

Cr Doyle said the protesters were very organised.

‘They’ve actually now done a letter drop of all my neighbours, a very sophisticated letter…it’s not something that was spur of the moment.’ he said.

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