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Rumour confirmed: How this hero saved a heart attack victim in daring Port Phillip rescue


A bayside resident has pulled off a daring Port Phillip rescue in strong winds to save a man’s life.

3AW listener Scott, pictured above, paddled about a kilometre in treacherous conditions on Sunday afternoon to save the struggling windsurfer after spotting him from his Aspendale home.

Then, in an extraordinary act of derring-do, he towed the man to shore behind his own windsurfer.

As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, the wife of the rescued man yesterday called Scott to say her husband was back in hospital.

Doctors had discovered the man, 60, had suffered a heart attack — probably on the water.

Scott said it added up.

“He was just sitting on the board, really not doing anything any more,” he told the very impressed Ross and John about the moment he met the heart attack in the middle of Port Phillip.

“It looked like he had spent his energy. He said he was all exhausted and spent.”

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