Rumour confirmed: Major makeover planned for Collingwood housing commission


One of Melbourne’s much-maligned housing commission buildings is set to get a major record-breaking makeover.

The Rumour File heard that an artist is about to make history by painting the tallest mural ever painted in Australia, right here in Melbourne.

Shaun Hossack, founder and director of Juddy Roller Studios, an award-winning street art network, confirmed that artist Adnate will begin the project next month.

“It’s a fairly prominent building in Collingwood,” he said.

And he confirmed it’s all being done legally.

“I think it’d be a little bit too conspicuous to do it secretly somehow, so yes it’s all above board!”

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Adnate is the internationally renowned artist behind the grain silo artwork in Shepparton.

The mural, set to cover 20 storeys, will take place at one of the Collingwood commission flats on Wellington St.

Photo: Juddy Roller Facebook