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Rumour confirmed: Man allegedly enters church during mass and smashes windows

Reports a man smashed windows during a church service over the weekend have been downplayed significantly by the parish priest.

A 30-year-old St Albans man was arrested after allegedly entering a church during mass in Melbourne’s north-west and damaging the stained glass windows.

During the Rumour File, Ross and John were told a church service ” was interrupted by a person brandishing rod and doing a bit of damage, he was subsequently arrested by the parishioners attending the mass”.

Police later confirmed they were called to a school church in Keilor Downs on Sunday following reports of a man damaging windows with religious images, inside the parish premises.

The man allegedly entered the St Mary Mackillop church on Odessa Avenue about 12pm and began damaging the windows with a metal pole.

No one was injured during the incident and a man was arrested nearby and charged with criminal damage.

Parish priest Reverend Monsignor Charles Portelli told Neil Mitchell what happened isn’t as bad as it sounds.

“He hit a picture of Christ which has a glass front on it and he ran away,” Rev. Portelli said.

“The windows weren’t damaged as far as you know?” Neil said

“Not at all, it would be about $50 worth.”

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