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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Man chases young alleged burglar from Werribee home

A Werribee man has described how he chased an alleged burglar, thought to be as young as 12, from his home on Thursday night.

Charles Allan told 3AW Breakfast he was woken by the sound of the window opening and a 1975 record player smashing on the ground.

‘I’ve had the thing (for sale) on Gumtree for a couple of weeks and you know what? It’s probably just saved us because he only just got into that room,’ he told Ross and John.

‘If he got in the kitchen my wallet and all that was in there.

‘He only got a backpack with my wife’s stuff with her passport and all that.

‘But she’s got an operation on Monday and is going to need her Medicare card.’

Police are investigating.

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