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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: More schools fall victim to hacking


Police are investigating a group of Camberwell High School students after they accessed and released the private details of several families.

It comes after last week’s hacking revelations at Blackburn High School and The Rumour File has since been told of two more schools.

Mobile phone numbers, home addresses, photographs and Medicare numbers were among the Camberwell High School details published online.

The students obtained the details by accessing the school’s intranet system.

It’s believed they entered with a password, rather than a hack.

Camberwell High School parents were notified of the breach and investigation last week.

One mother at the school, Suzanne, told Ross and John that although she wasn’t a victim, it made her feel “pretty vulnerable”.

“It’s just another indication of how these intranet systems can be corrupted,” she said.

It’s not yet clear what the students’ intentions were.

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