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Rumour Confirmed: Mother confronts knife-wielding would-be thief

CONFIRMED: A mother who confronted a knife-wielding man who broke into her Hampton Park home says her only thought was to protect her young daughter.

3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File was alerted to the frightening home invasion on Meredith Crescent, which happened around 9.30pm on Sunday.

Sarah told 3AW News she heard a noise and confronted the offender.

‘I just kept thinking, as a parent I needed to protect my daughter,’ she said.

‘I was going to do whatever I could, so I just charged straight for him.

‘Looking back now, it was probably a stupid move, but I wanted to do whatever I could to protect my kid.’

The offender fled empty handed – he was last seen jumping over the back fence.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.