Rumour confirmed: Petrol station owner stages sit-in as head office attempts to shut store down


An independent petrol station owner in Melbourne’s north is staging a sit-in after attempts have been made to forcibly evict him.

During the Rumour File, Ross and John were told head office have cut the power and fenced off the premises but the 65-year-old “is not leaving”.

Frank Eid, APCO Epping & Thomastown station owner for 15 years, confirmed he is staying put.

“They don’t want to pay me for the price they’re supposed to pay for my stores,” Frank said.

“They turned off the power for five nights.”

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A representative from APCO told 3AW Breakfast that as this is a legal matter, he was not prepared to comment.

But what he could say is that APCO wouldn’t be doing what they are doing if there weren’t issues relating to this particular business.

Photo: The APCO petrol station in Epping (Google Maps)