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There’s something VERY controversial about these Melbourne Christmas lights

The Rumour File

Photo: Facebook, Hugo Court Christmas Lights


Police have shut down a much-loved Christmas light display in Melbourne’s south-east, claiming it was causing traffic issues in the area.

As heard on The Rumour File, residents of Hugo Court in Narre Warren woke to a knock on the door from police around 10.30 last night.

Resident Mark Morrison later confirmed the incident to Ross and John.

“I answered the door to a pretty rude police officer who asked if I have a permit,” Mark said.

“It’s my house, I didn’t know I had to have a permit to put up lights on my own property.”

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Mark and the other residents were then ordered to turn off the lights, police claiming the back-up of cars was causing traffic gridlock.

There are 10 houses in the court which all have lights displayed, the area becoming something of a Christmas tourist attraction in recent years.


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