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Rumour confirmed: Police unable to pursue stolen car containing stolen goods

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Police were unable to pursue a stolen car visibly containing stolen goods.

Police confirmed a burglary at a Blackburn South house about 11.20am on Monday morning.

The Rumour File heard the getaway car – which itself was stolen – was identified shortly after the burglary, but could not be pursued when it sped away.

The offenders were still on the scene when the burglary was initially reported, but fled by the time police arrived. Police were told a gun safe had been stolen.

A car ‘with a gun safe hanging out’ was spotted by police on Hawthorn Rd near Blackburn Rd shortly after.

The Sergeant who spotted the car activated his lights and indicated for the car to pull over, but it took off at speed. The Sergeant was unable to pursue the car, even though the licence plates showed it had been stolen, due to the Police pursuit policy.