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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Private school boy suspended for buying a beer

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A schoolboy from one of Melbourne’s elite private school has been suspended from his rowing team for buying a beer. 

‘Surprise Surprise’ told 3AW Breakfast’s Rumour File this morning about the suspension of a private school student who bought a beer at a rowing camp in Tasmania. 

Peter Mahon from Royce Communications confirmed that an 18-year old school boy from the school he represents was suspended from the First Rowing XVIII team for this. 

‘He was in his sporting uniform on the way back from rowing camp and walked up and bought a beer,’ he said. 

‘Our college rowing master intervened and said it wasn’t on.

‘He was stood down from the First Rowing XVIII for a week.

‘He knows he has done the wrong thing.’ 

3AW Breakfast has chosen not to name the school.

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