Rumour confirmed: Stonnington Council limits number of dogs that can be walked at once


Stonnington Council has introduced a by-law prohibiting the number of dogs which can be walked at once, leaving professional dog-walking businesses in “real trouble”.

First heard on The Rumour File back on February 14, Stonnington Council passed a bylaw prohibiting dog walkers from walking more than four dogs at any one time.

Ken Phillips, CEO and owner of Dog Concierge, a Melbourne-based dog walking service, told 3AW Breakfast the council made the decision without consulting anyone in the industry.

“The problem is, the decision was made almost in the dark of night,” Ken said.

“It’s all based on one report with no opposition spoken to it at all.

“We’ve got five walkers on our payroll.

“Unfortunately because there’s been no discussion, no liaison, my staff are in real trouble at the moment.”

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