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Rumour confirmed: Wonka the goat goes missing, feared ‘goat-napped’

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Wonka the goat is missing and his best mate Willy is worried.

The much-loved pet has vanished in state’s south, with its owners fearing someone has stolen him.

First heard on the Rumour File, there’s concern Wonka hasn’t innocently wandered off but rather been taken.

There’s fears it’s not an isolated incident, with similar stories of ‘goat-napping’ taking place in the area recently.

Worried owner of Wonka, Tara Bishop, told 3AW Breakfast it was “highly unusual” for the beloved animal to go missing.

“(Wonka) has a mate called Willy and they’re absolutely inseparable,” she told Kate and Quarters.

“We then heard that other goats had gone missing on the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsula so this is when we’ve feared he’d be ‘goat-napped’ rather than going walkabout.

“We just want Wonka to be returned because Willy is in a lot of distresses and hasn’t been eating.

“There’s such affectionate pets and they’re really well-loved so we really want Wonka to come home.”

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Ms Bishop called for the animal’s swift return, saying no questions would be asked about the circumstances around Wonka’s disappearance as long as he was reunited with Willy.

“All our friends come and visit and all they want to do is see the goat,” she said.

“The goats get more likes on my Instagram page than anything else.”

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