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Rumour File: 16-year-old travelling solo kicked off over-booked flight in Abu Dhabi


A 16-year-old boy travelling to Melbourne unaccompanied from Serbia has been told he will have to spend the night in a hotel in Abu Dhabi because the flight was overbooked.

Solo Traveller told the 3AW Breakfast Rumour File the teen was told he’d have to stay overnight in a hotel.

His mother had put him in a flight at Belgrade.

Paul Mizzi, father of 16-year-old Daniel, said he received a frantic text from his son early this morning.

“I got a text this morning at 3am from my son Daniel, who was in an absolute panic, because Etihad had told him he couldn’t get on the flight,” he said.

“It was over booked.”

Daniel will have to wait for 24 hours until he can get on a flight home.

His parents have told him to stay in the hotel room.

“He is in a hotel in his room on his own, we’ve told him to stay in a hotel room and not to leave,” he said.

“They have given him food, which is something I guess.”

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