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RUMOUR FILE: Alleged burglar runs from cops after being arrested on Christmas

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A man has allegedly fled from police on foot after a delay in putting him in the back of a police van.

Police reportedly held off putting him in the van due to the hot weather on Christmas Day.

As heard on the 3AW’s Rumour File, around 6.30 on Christmas night police responded to reports of a break in at a convenience store in Sutton Street at Warragul.

A 30-year-old man was arrested and handcuffed but he wasn’t violent, and because of the heat a decision was made not to put him in the back of the divvy van immediately.

As police waited for another unit to arrive, the man allegedly took off.

In doing so he knocked over a tow truck driver who was there to collect a stolen vehicle.

A search involving the Dog Squad, Air Wing and local police eventually found him on the fairway of the local golf course.

He was rearrested and faces several charges including burglary, intentionally cause injury and escape.

He appeared before an out of sessions hearing and was remanded in custody to appear at La Trobe Valley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.