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RUMOUR FILE: Bag snatcher steals handbag from off-duty police officer

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A woman on a bike snatched the bag of a member of a the Victorian Police force.

A bag snatcher on a bike has made a big mistake by snatching the bag of an off-duty police officer on Friday night. 

Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach told Ross and John ‘They picked the wrong person!’

She says she was out in the city with friends when a woman on a bike rode past and grab her bag.

Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach gave chase, retrieving the bag as well as her police badge which was inside.

‘I reacted so quickly… I just chased after her, in my heels, and just grabbed my purse back.’

The offender fled the scene and Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach says she will be following it up. 

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