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RUMOUR FILE: Bicycle light causes house fire in Melbourne’s inner north

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: A pushbike light has caused a house fire in Melbourne’s inner north.

‘Light My Fire’ told The Rumour File firefighters were called to a fire on Monday at Fitzroy caused by a pushbike.

The bike was stored in an undercover area of the house with a front light clipped to handlebar.

The MFB have since confirmed to 3AW Breakfast they were called to Cecil St around 12.20pm on Monday to the “unusual” fire.

“The light was powered by lithium ion batteries and the occupant, who had ridden home late the night before, can’t remember if he turned it off or not,” MFB spokeswoman Meg Rayner said.

“The batteries in the light ignited and the unit fell into a bucket located nearby the bike and fire spread to the home.”

‘Light My Fire said three occupants were home at the time and were alerted to the situation by a neighbour.

One person was treated for smoke inhalation.

The MFB tell 3AW it is a good reminder for everyone to ensure they only use electrical items that meet the Australian Standards and are wary of using any cheap, imported electrical items.