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Rumour File: Bizarre ‘theft attempt’ caught on camera


A man who tried to lock an alleged car thief inside his car has photographed the moment he cut his way out.

The alleged victim, Domenic Gentile, was already having a bad week.

He had returned home from vacation to find his own car had been stolen, so he borrowed a friend’s Jeep to go shopping in Chapel Street.

On returning to the parked car he found a thief inside.

Thinking fast, he locked the doors.

But the thief had another move up his sleeve; he moved to the back window of the soft-top convertible and started to cut himself out.

Mr Gentile could only watch on – and take photos – as the alleged wannabe thief ran away and boarded a tram.

Click play to hear Mr Gentile tell his story

Police have confirmed they are investigating but say no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is urged to come forward.