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Rumour File: Williamstown dog owner receives disturbing anonymous letter


The owner of a dog in Williamstown has received an alarming letter from an anonymous source, who threatens to bait the dog if nothing is done to stop it barking.

The note reads: “Your dogs bark all day. Surely you are aware. We have had enough. If you don’t shut the f***ing things up we will bait them. Enough.”

Tracey Dean, Williamstown resident, told Ross and John she isn’t sure who’s got it in for Prince the miniature Schnauzer or when the note was left.

“I’m reviewing security footage to determine that but we found it yesterday,” Tracey said.

“He doesn’t bark all day, I have cameras which have sound.

“And miniature Schnauzers sleep up to 18 hours a day.

“But having said that, if someone comes to my door or comes past the house then yes, he barks.”

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“My four kids are very distressed,” she said.

David Galbally QC said there is no specific offence of threatening a dog.