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Rumour file: Gin distillery turns to producing hand sanitiser!

rumour file


A gin distillery has started producing hand sanitiser for their own use.

Cam McKenzie, co-founder and head distiller at Four Pillars Gin Company, confirmed that they had started making small amounts of hand sanitiser.

But he told Ross and John it’s not for public sale.

“We started this about three weeks ago when things started to get a bit serious, we couldn’t get hand sanitiser,” he said.

“I had a bit of a look at one of the pump packs it basically it said it was 72 per cent ethyl alcohol and a bit of aloe vera.

“We have a little portion of our distillation each day called the heads which isn’t particularly palatable but it smells terrific, we normally discard it.

“We bought some aloe vera, mixed it down to 72 per cent and we’ve had that on the front door and all access points within the distillery.”

Ross: So bizarre it could possibly be true!

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rumour file