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RUMOUR FILE: Great Ocean Road locals bought from their neighbours’ garage sale, then sold it for more

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: Cheeky’ locals snap up a bargain from their neighbours’ garage sale, then sell it at a higher price.

‘Garage Sale’ has told 3AW’s Rumour File residents on the Great Ocean Road were buying items at one garage sale, then selling it on at their own.  

Victim of the ordeal, Fiona Davidson, has told 3AW Breakfast she found out after customers told her, her products, including furniture, were cheaper than those down the road.

‘He sent quite a few people from the family up!’ Fiona told Justin and Kate.

‘I know that these people up the road have a garage sale every weekend. They’re professionals.

‘Next thing I know he’s going to come in with a wig on and a fake moustache, but I’m onto him!’ 

Fiona said she eventually banned her neighbours from buying her items. 

‘They were buying different items, but I refused to sell to them in the end. I told them they weren’t allowed to buy anything’

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