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Rumour Confirmed: Honey thieves steal from East Gippsland shop twice

Ross and John

The Rumour File

A honey shop in Wombat Creek impacted by the devastating East Gippsland fires has been targeted by thieves twice in just three days.

It’s believed the same people may be behind the honey heist.

The shop is run using an honesty system.

The burglaries occurred on 15 and 17 January.

Glenn from the Wombat Honey Shop said the thieves helped themselves on two separate occasions, and they managed to obtain CCTV footage.

Around $70 worth of stock was stolen.

The East Gippsland fires were within a kilometre of the shop in Wombat Creek.

“Very close, too close really,” he said.

Orbost police confirm they are investigating.

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Ross and John