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RUMOUR FILE: Pet dog ‘Bear’ savagely attacked with sharp object on Grand Final day

A pet dog has been slashed across the face and arm in a savage attack in Capel Sound last month.

German shepherd Bear was left with serious injuries in the Grand Final day attack, and his owner is desperate to find those responsible.

Damian Browne said he first noticed something was wrong when he arrived home at midnight to find him missing.

Bear was so traumatised he was hiding nearby.

“He came limping out of the neighbour’s yard, just covered in blood, could barely walk, in a lot of pain,” he told Ross and John.

“It’s definitely not a blunt trauma, the vet has confirmed that.

“The vet said it’s from an extremely sharp object, it was with such impact it’s caused an indentation to his skull.

“And the laceration to his arm went all the way to the bone, it was quite a lot of force and something very sharp that did it.”

Later, police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

A witness told police that he saw two men attacking Bear, after it had been involved in a fight with their dog.

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