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Rumour File: Photographer at the wrong wedding


Sandringham newlyweds are still missing photos after a photographer accidentally shot their wedding – and then deleted some of the pics.

As first heard on the Rumour File last week, a mystery woman turned up to Garren Coleman’s wedding at the Sandringham Yacht Club last week after a venue mix-up.

Her presence confused the two wedding photographers Garren had booked, and they left some parts of the reception for her capture.

But she suddenly left and wasn’t heard from again, with the above image of her taking cake photo the only trace she left behind.

The photographer was eventually found after a call-out on 3AW Breakfast, but not all the photos.

‘We have found her, but unfortunately haven’t received all the photos she did take of us,’ Garren said.

‘She reckons some of the shots of us cutting the cake and the first dance were on a memory card that didn’t get downloaded, and have been formatted.

‘She reckons she can’t uncover those photos.’

The mystery photographer handed over the undeleted photos free of charge.

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