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Rumour File: Qantas pilot Alan Cheers bids farewell after a 60-year career flying high

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Long-serving Qantas pilot Alan Cheers will wave goodbye to the job he’s cherished for 45 years, retiring after a 60-year career in the skies.

His last ever flight will be when he flies in from Canberra on Sunday, landing in Melbourne at the helm of a Qantas plane for the final time, greeted by his family and grandkids.

The Rumour File was tipped off to Alan’s achievement.

“This is not exactly how I planned it! I planned my retirement to fly quietly off into the sunset,” he told Steve and Kate.

“I think my son was involved, Steve, he’s also a Qantas pilot.”

Flying is in his blood, with his father also working as a Qantas pilot.

It’s an adventure, every flight is different – Alan Cheers, retiring pilot

But he says it’s time to hang up his wings, although his love for flying hasn’t changed.

“I loved flying when I went to New Guinea 50 years ago, and I still love it just as much. But all good things come to an end, and I’ve been very fortunate to have a career with Qantas for that long,” he said.

“We see the beauty and power in mother nature, it’s going to be difficult to give it away.”

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