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RUMOUR FILE: Teachers take part in hilarious flash mob to surprise kids

LOVE this!

Staff at Somerville Primary School surprised students with a flash mob last week, as reported on the 3AW Breakfast Rumour File.

And even the principal, Andrew Haley gets in on it.

It was a surprise during a talent show at the school.

“The guy with the beard, a bit out of time there, that’s me!” Mr Haley told Ross and John.

“We incorporated the floss, young kids these days enjoy the floss.”

WATCH the video below 

Fair to say it was a bit of a treat for the kids at the end of the talent show.

“It was really exciting for the kids that were there,” he said.

Dabbing, flossing, the teachers have all the moves.

The video, which was shared online, has been viewed thousands of times.

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