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Rumour File: The bizarre target of thieves in inner-west


Rare, century-old cast iron furniture seems to be disappearing from front gardens in Melbourne’s inner-west.

The Rumour File was told there had been a recent raid on benches in the west with burglars caught on CCTV.

Zoe, victim of the theft, confirmed the bizarre story to Ross and John, saying her Maidstone home has been hit twice in recent weeks.

“We’re still trying to find the footage of the first incident, that involved the robbery of two of our Victorian and very rare cast iron chairs, that are over 100-years-old,” she said.

“Sadly I was joking with my husband, when I was going through the insurance process, that they’ll probably be back for the love seat, which is also very expensive.

“Then lo and behold yesterday, it was gone.”

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Zoe said she ran to her neighbour’s, who she knew also had a similar love seat, and they found that had been stolen too.

“A lot of people have come out saying a lot of people have had their cast iron furniture stolen,” she said.

“I’m just really gutted, it’s not the monetary value, it’s the sentimental value.

“We lovingly restored both sets of chairs, I have two little girls and we would have a lot of fun having little tea parties in the front yard.”