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Rumour File: Busy bar nabs suspected thief with a fake job offer

A bar in suburban Melbourne has lured a barman back to the scene of his alleged crime with a fake job offer.

The Rumour File was this morning told the bar, in Melbourne’s north-east, hired the barman for one shift from an agency, in anticipation of a busy night.

When the night’s takings were being counted, staff noticed about $1000 missing.

Managers checked CCTV cameras and claim it showed the fill-in staff member stealing cash from the cash register.

They later texted the barman to offer more work, and suggested an induction meeting two days later at the bar.

“Surprisingly, the man agreed and midway through his ‘induction’, was arrested by police,” the Rumour File caller told Ross and John.

The caller produced photo evidence of the bust, including the photo above.