Rumour File update: County Court judge set to become Chief Magistrate


County Court Judge Lisa Hannan is poised to be appointed Victoria’s new Chief Magistrate.

As first broadcast on Ross and John’s Rumour File last week, Judge Lisa Hannan is expected to replace current chief Peter Lauritsen when he retires later this year.

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The Herald Sun is reporting the announcement will be made today.

The posting has been described in legal circles as a “sensible choice”.

Judge Hannan is currently one of the state’s most respected County Court judges.

In 2017 she was interviewed in a podcast published by the County Court, which she hoped would show that judges are “real” and “members of the community”.

“I think the community enjoys seeing judges as more than people in black and purple robes seated on the bench,” she said.

“I think that there’s a misconception that judges are disconnected from the community, that we live in some sort of ivory tower.”