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RUMOUR FILE: Victoria Police are encouraging people to buy cartoon Band-Aids for charity

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: There appears to be a plaster disaster at the police force.

The Rumour File heard that a top brass officer is encouraging police staff to buy cartoon Band-Aids, with the money going to charity.

Another top cop loved the idea, and now it is getting competitive.

Stephen Leane, Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police, told Ross and John that the Band-Aid-off is for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“We’ve got a bit of a challenge.”

“The little ones that come in get cheered up if they get a novelty Band-Aid rather than the standard one,” said Mr Leane.

“So they’ve asked for volunteers if they can help out, and we’ve heard about it and thought ‘we can do better than that, we can inundate them if we have to.'”

“Some of these little ones are dealing with life battles, it’s the least we can do is gee it up as much as we can.”

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