Family dispute sees some of Bob Jane’s children in the dark on funeral details



The family of late racing car legend Bob Jane say they have no idea where his funeral is being held, following his death last week.

The Rumour File was told this morning that a former partner has organised the funeral, without telling immediate family members the details.

The funeral is today and the location still has not been revealed to at least one pallbearer.

Jane, who founded Bob Jane T-Marts, died after a battle with prostate cancer on Friday.

Karen Jane, one of Jane’s daughters, confirmed to Neil Mitchell she had no idea where the private service is being held today.

“I’m afraid I don’t,” she told Neil Mitchell.

“I was waiting for an obituary to see where it was.”

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She was told by a relative that there would be a private funeral, taking place at 10.30am today, but she has no other details.

Karen and some siblings have arranged their own memorial.

“We have arranged to have a private memorial today in Brunswick,” she said.

“Instead of being terribly, terribly upset about it, we are going to spend the time together today and remember him.”

She said there will be a public memorial at Calder Park next week.

“I have worked in the industry with my father over the last 30 years, there are a lot of people who love him and that he’s helped them,” she said.

“They all want to say their goodbyes.”

 Photo: AAP