Rumour File: Wheelchair-bound commuter stuck on V/Line train after it overshot platform



A wheelchair-bound commuter has been stuck on a train for several stops after it overshot the platform in regional Victoria.

The Rumour File heard the train couldn’t reverse back to let her off and she was stranded at the train’s final destination.

Sharryn told Ross and John it’s actually a frequent occurrence on V/Line trains.

“This has happened quite a number of times for different reasons,” she said.

“I was waiting at Pyramid Hill one day when the train pulled in and they said, ‘We can’t get you on, we don’t have the right carriages’, and they said, ‘We’ll get you a taxi’.

“They ordered a taxi from Echuca, after three hours waiting there, it turned up and took me to Bendigo.”

“How much was that??” Ross asked.

“$370,” she replied.

“$370 for the Victorian taxpayer!” Ross said.

“That’s not the only time they’ve had to get a taxi for me because things haven’t gone right,” she said.

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Sharryn said on the most recent occasion she was going to Pyramid Hill, where only two train carriages meet the short platform, only one of which has space for a wheelchair.

“It overshot the platform by about two metres,” Sharryn said.

The driver told her the train could not be reversed to let her off.

“I don’t know whether it’s a safety issue or they just can’t,” she said.

“I was going to write a letter to Jacinta Allan but I guess she’ll hear about it now!”

Photo: Film Victoria