Rumour File: Why Melbourne’s anglers are ‘illegally’ trashing the bay


Melbourne’s anglers are illegally dumping rubbish in Port Phillip to attract fish, it’s been revealed.

Experts and fellow anglers say objects including BBQs, trolleys, bikes and even old boats are being sunk in the bay to create artificial reefs.

The bizarre trend was first raised by a Rumour File caller, which prompted a wave of phone calls from listeners confirming the practice.

Melbourne fishing guru Dave Kramer later told Ross and John the rumour was “absolutely true”.

“Most of Port Phillip is just one big mud bowl … and if you put some structure in it, the snapper come,” Kramer said.

He said anglers record the location of their artificial reef and use GPS to return.

“I think the EPA would be the correct authority on it, but it’s absolutely illegal.”

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