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Rumour File: Yarraville’s Sun Theatre hopeful of Tarantino visit

UPDATE: This rumour has been confirmed. Details HERE.

Below was first published January 13.

A suburban cinema is hopeful of a surprise visit from Hollywood superstar Quentin Tarantino in coming days.

The Sun Theatre in Yarraville is one of three Melbourne cinemas showing the big-name director’s new movie, The Hateful 8, this week.

It’s only available to cinemas with 70mm projectors before its full release next week.

A Rumour File caller told Ross and John the enigmatic Tarantino would mark the occasion by visiting Sun Theatre in Melbourne’s west.

Head projectionist Rob Murphy couldn’t confirm the visit.

But he reckons there’s a ‘good chance’.

‘He might,’ he told 3AW Breakfast.

‘Going by what’s happened overseas, he’s done a lot of drop-ins.

‘He will just appear at a cinema and do a bit of a chat, but they’re very off-the-cuff.

‘We can’t confirm he’s going to be here … but there’s a very good chance he might pop in.’

Click play to hear the story behind the Sun Theatre’s new 70mm projector (any why it’s like a vinyl record – in a good way!)