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Russell Coight receives a mention in Parliament on his four-wheel driving skills

THE RUMOUR FILE | One of Australia’s greats, Russell Coight, received a mention in Parliament for his 4×4 driving skills.

Brad Batton, the member for Gembrook, said in parliament last week – ‘There are positive four wheel drivers, the ones that go out and clear fire tracks…’ 

‘But you could see Russell Coight as a good example of what not to do in some of our forests through Victoria.’

Glenn Robbins sat down with Ross and John, he says he’s contacted Russell Coight about the comments made by Mr Batton.

Ross asked Glenn where Coight is today – ‘He’s actually doing the Kokoda trial, on motorbike, for a new series called My Fuzzy Wuzzy Coight

The following statement has been supplied to Glenn from Russell.

‘During the shooting of my TV series a few years ago, only a few animals were hurt and only a couple seriously, fatally sorry.’

‘The wiping out of that butterfly colony is only rumoured to be true.’

Glenn Robbins also revealed to 3AW Breakfast that Russell Coight is originally from Adelaide. 

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