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Russell Street bomb detective Gary Ayres has a message for parole board

One of the detectives who arrested Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue has asked the parole board to have a long, hard think before letting him back on the street.

Minogue has been moved to a regional prison in Loddon, which is used as a rehabilitation centre for prisoners prepare for release.

Former detective Gary Ayres didn’t hide his feelings when asked if he had a message for the Adult Parole Board before they hear his case in nine months.

‘Have a very good think about it, and have a look at the past,’ he said.

‘I don’t know if he ever openly admitted to doing it … and I think that’s something the parole board should take into consideration.’

Tony Jones: Would you feel safe knowing Minogue is back on the streets?

Mr Ayres: That’s a hard question. I don’t think you can take it that way, otherwise you can’t sleep at night time.

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Prominent defence lawyer Bernie Balmer was out the front of the Magistrates Court when the bomb went off and told 3AW Drive it was a memory that was permanently etched in his mind.

‘It was the worst day at work I’ve ever had,’ he said.

‘It was horrific.’

It’s for that reason he said he was torn on whether Minogue should get parole.

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