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Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue applies for parole


Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue has applied for parole.

Minogue, who was handed a 28-year minimum sentence for his part in the attack, has reportedly filed paperwork with the parole board.

The 1986 bombing killed 21-year-old constable Angela Taylor.

Minogue also murdered an inmate during the early stages of his jail term.

‘The community’s expectations are clear on this matter, as are the government’s,’ the state government said in a statement.

The Age crime writer John Silvester says it’ll be up to the Parole Board, but he has grave reservations.

‘Remember that that bomb had another 50 stick of gelignite that didn’t go off.’

‘Their plan was to actually bring the russell street building down and were disappointed that they only, ONLY, killed one.’ – Sly told Ross and John.

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