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Rye Hunt’s family have called the Brazilian media ‘disgusting’ after they sent photos of a body

Brazilian police are investigating the discovery of a body on a beach on Wednesday morning

They will carry out DNA tests to determine whether it is that of missing Australian traveller, Rye Hunt.

More distressingly, the family of Australian man Rye Hunt say that Brazilian media are sending them photos of the unidentified body.

Media are sending the photos asking if the body is Rye, the family are completely ‘disgusted’.

Ross and John spoke with Bel Casson, an Australian living in Rio who has been following this story closely.

‘I’ve been following the media quite closely on this and I’m feeling for the family.’ 

‘There’s no confirmation that the body is Rye’ she told 3AW Breakfast.

‘I was really surprised to hear that a journalist sent images of the photo to the family.’

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