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‘Sack Melhem’: Liberals call for Andrews action after trade union commission

The royal commission into trade unions has made 79 recommendations, and referred two former officials – including one of Daniel Andrews MPs – to prosecutors.

Victorian MP Cesar Melhem, a former boss of the AWU, heads the list of high-profile names referred to police by commissioner Dyson Heydon for possible corruption charges.

Whistle-blower and former Health Services Union boss Kathy Jackson is also on the list.

The Australian Workers’ Union has also been referred to Victorian prosecutors over deals with Cleanevent, Thiess John Holland, Chiquita Mushrooms, ACI Operations and Winslow Constructors.

The Royal Commission ran for 21 months, hearing from 505 witnesses over 155 days of public hearings.

The state opposition has been quick to jump upon the Andrews government.

Shadow Industrial Relations Minister Robert Clark says the Premier must now boot Mr Melhem from the party.

‘(Mr Andrews) needs to show whether he’s on the side of ordinary, hard-working union members or … rorting union officials,’ told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings.

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Kathy Jackson has been referred to prosecutors to consider whether she should be charged for obtaining property and financial advantage by deception.

Commissioner Heydon has also asked police in Victoria to investigate whether she may have given false or misleading evidence.