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Sacked for a sickie: How a dad got caught at a Wiggles concert

A Victorian dad caught at a Wiggles concert while taking a sickie has lost his appeal against the sack.

Sean Mamo, who worked as a car detailer for a Toyota dealership in Yarrawonga, purported to take personal leave in June to care for his son but took him to the concert instead, The Australian reported.

Mr Mamo’s boss was alerted to the lie via a photo posted on social media.

Ross and John asked their listeners if the Fair Work Commission had made the right call and were stunned when the poll produced nearly a 50-50 result.

They called upon the expertise of employment lawyer Kamal Farouque from Maurice Blackburn to

He said it was a cut and dried case.

“If you chuck a sickie and get caught like that … you can expect the commission’s not going to do too much to help you out over that blatant error,” Mr Farouque said.

“A lot of those kinda cases are like that — people do something, it gets posted on social media, it comes to the attention of the boss, they have the evidence and then they move on it.

“That’s a pretty common situation, in fact.

“The funny thing was that he didn’t even turn up for the case.”

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(Photo by Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images)