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‘We’ll move on’: AFL boss refuses to apologise to ‘flog fan’

AFL boss Gill McLachlan has made it very clear he won’t be apologising to the Carlton fan who was ejected from Marvel Stadium after calling an umpire a “bald-headed flog”.

The supporter, known as Frankie, has hired lawyers to clear his name after AFL boss Gil McLachlan told 3AW the Blues fan not only leaned over to yell at an umpire, but also that he ran aggressively through the stand.

The league has now conceded he did not run across two bays of seats.

Frankie’s friend, Romeo, told Neil Mitchell his friends just wants to clear his name.

“It’s just a bit sad this journey,” Romeo said.

“Frankie isn’t seeking anything here other than correction of the record.”

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But McLachlan this morning made it clear he didn’t want to talk about the issue, let alone issue an apology.

He told Neil Mitchell he hadn’t seen any letter to the Frankie, and the matter was with the AFL’s legal team.

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