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Sam Mitchell ‘likes idea’ of send off rule

While the send off rule is not on AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan’s agenda right now, champion Hawthorn midfielder Sam Mitchell isn’t opposed to bringing in the harsher penalty to what is currently in place.

Port Adelaide defender Tom Jonas was hit with a six-week suspension after his collision with West Coast’s Andrew Gaff, but many think he should have been sent off immediately from the ground on the day.

Mitchell admits being a big lover of soccer and thinks a send off rule could work in the AFL.

‘I do like the idea,’ he told Sports Today.

‘If they bought it in it would be used once every three years.

‘It probably wouldn’t be a bad thing at the time.’

Mclachlan believes the current format of the MRP and free kicks on the day, along with the heavy scrutiny work well.

Introducing a send off rule on top of what is in place now could create grey area, according to the CEO.

‘I think that the send of rule in the end creates a huge issue because of the significance of it of where it starts and stops,’ he said in a press conference on Tuesday.

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