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‘It’s ludicrous’: Sam Newman defends his controversial video on transgender athletes

No stranger to public outcry, Sam Newman has been blasted on social media for his “disrespectful” video in which he’s dressed in drag.

The video posted on Newman’s Twitter account shows him in make-up, a hat and scarf alongside journalist Mike Sheahan and former St Kilda coach Grant Thomas.

“I think I’ve run my race as an older male and I’m thinking of transitioning,” Newman says.

“I’m pointing out the ludicrous proposition where transgender athletes can choose their gender to compete on some sort of contrived footing with other binary biological sportspeople,” Newman told Tom Elliott.

“It is absolutely ridiculous and will bedevil world sport unless the authorities come down on some very strict guidelines.

“If you wish to transition into a man or woman that is fine, but please don’t be arrogant enough to think you can just climb into women’s sport if you’re a man and compete on an equal footing.”

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Founder of Stand Up Events and daughter of former Hawthorn player Russell Greene, Angie Greene described Newman as a bully on her own Twitter account.

“I thought after our conversation last year that you may have left with an ounce of respect towards The Trans Community and human beings in general,” Greene said.

She also takes aim at Grant Thomas for his comments, labeling them “completely disrespected the existence of Trans people”.

Carlton AFLW player Darcy Vescio took to Instagram to call the video “disgusting and damaging”.