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School bus catches fire on EastLink

A bus, full of students on their way to Phillip Island for a camp, has caught fire on EastLink.

The bus load of Parade College students caught fire at the BP service station in Scoresby just before 9.45am.

Witness Steve told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell the bus was about 15 metres from the petrol bowsers when it caught fire.

“An EastCoast bus full of school kids has some fire in it,” he said.

“It looks like it’s around the engine bay.”

CFA crews attended and quickly extinguished the fire.

Year 11 student, Tom, was on the bus.

“It was a bit scary,” he said.

“We were just on the freeway and then the tyre popped, and there was smoke coming out.

“We pulled in to the servo and then it just caught fire.”

The school trip to Phillip Island has been postponed, with students expected to head off tomorrow instead.