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School strikers release ‘guide’ to talk about bushfires and climate action

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Young people are being urged to talk to friends and family about the link between the “bushfires gripping Australia” and the need for action on climate change.

The youth run lobby group School Strike For Climate Australia released a “Bushfire Crisis Conversation and Action Guide” with tips on how young people can start conversations within their communities.

Dr Christine Canty from the Extinction Rebellion Victorian Families group said it was a great idea and a good resource.

“I think it’s good to get the conversation going,” she told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings.

“We need people to understand the situation here and the links between bushfires and the climate crisis, and the best way to get that going is conversations with family and friends

“A lot of the tips are about asking people how they feel and what they think and getting them to think about their experience and what that does is it helps that person make the link themselves.”

She said it was an emotionally charged topic for the school strikers and the guide encouraged them to keep calm during heated debates, as well as providing statistics from reputable organisations.

Tony suggested it was a far more constructive way to have the debate as opposed to climate strikes shutting down streets in the city.

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