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Schoolies attacked, robbed, outside Rye police station (it was closed)

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Questions have been asked after a group of school-leavers were left stranded, attacked and robbed outside a police station at Rye on Saturday night.

Peter told Neil Mitchell his son and a few of his friends were walking to get a late night pizza when they spotted a group attacking another male.

That group then turned its attention to Peter’s son and his friends, who fled on foot.

They ran to the police station, but were shocked to discover it was closed.

They were then confronted by the group, with one boy punched and having his phone smashed after the gang suspected him of contacting the police.

The group – who aren’t believed to be schoolies themselves – also took money and stole a portable music speaker.

“During schoolies, I would have thought the police station would have been open,” Peter told Neil Mitchell said.

“The other concerning part was that the boys indicated to me was that they were told there was no security footage near the garage door where they were cornered.

“I find it quite staggering that the police station doesn’t have cameras surrounding the front the building.”

Superintendent Adrian White confirmed the station was shut, but said police responded quickly and made three arrests a short time later.

He stressed it was always best to call Triple 0 when in need of urgent help.

“We’d only just closed it, as a matter of fact,” he said.

“We certainly have a lot of police out on the road and mobile that they can respond swiftly to whatever it is they’re required to.”

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